Wondering where you can find the best sewing scissors for your projects? Here in this article, we plan to give you a list of the 10 best sewing scissors on the market.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Sewing Scissors 2022

1. Fiskars RazorEdge Softgrip Scissors

Fiskars RazorEdge Softgrip Scissors is an ultimate yes-man tool. These Fiskars offer everything from good price range models to high-end pairs with all the bells and whistles.

However, they don’t just offer fabric scissors and shears, they offer supply to all your scissor needs from embroidery to elementary school for your kids.

Also, because of this reason, if you don’t have a budget then you should look toward the more high-end Fiskars models since the range of the cost is going to determine the range of the quality. 


  • Fantastic deal
  • Offer supply to all kind of scissor needs
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not the best on lightweight knits

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2. Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears

Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears are one of the best professional sewing scissors that are worth every bit of your money because these scissors work like a dream with a satisfying cutting action and extremely strong blades that can cut through any material or fabric you happen to be working on.

The Kai Professional Shears live up to their potential because these are one of the strongest pairs of sewing scissors on the market that offers professional-grade quality. These sewing scissors won’t make you look out of place as someone who is an expert dressmaker but they are perfect for home usage such as offering a comfortable grip and amazing outcomes with every single snip and snap.

One of the most advantages of these sewing scissors is they are made from carbon stainless steel construction. The material is built to last a long time, and these scissors still offer a comfortable grip that will just be the right fit for most hand sizes. However, you need to be careful when using it as blades since it could be incredibly sharp.

As you can see, the material quality used for these blades shines through as the sewing scissors can simply glide effortlessly through any kind of material offering a clean cut without running into any issues. The only minor downside to these sewing scissors is their relatively a bit on the pricier side compared to some other models out there.

On that note, if you want to pay a professional premium to have a nice quality pair of sewing scissors then these will last for many years if maintained in good condition and care, I think these are more than worth the extra money.


  • Very strong Ideal for all fabrics
  • Carbon stainless steel construction
  • Comfortable to use
  • Made to last


  • A bit pricey
  • Exceptionally sharp

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3. Singer 8.5 Inch Professional Series Scissors Heavy Duty Bent

These Singer 8.5 Heavy Duty Bent Scissors are created as a high-quality product at a reasonable price within your budget. The Singer scissors are designed for heavy-duty including super sharp tempered steel blades. These are exceedingly durable and fantastic when it comes to giving a clean to accurate cut.

For instance, these scissors can cut or slide through several layers of fabric at a time and claim that they can take on a whopping of 18 layers of denim! These are the best for pattern cutting and the handle is made with maximum comfort that is made for sewers who are suffering from weak wrists. 


  • Can be used left or right-handed
  • Good for sewers with weak wrists
  • Lightweight Soft and padded handles are very comfortable
  • Very effective at cutting through multiple fabrics
  • Very affordable price


  • Movement can be sometimes a bit tight

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4. Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears are immensely crafted and sharp that could slide through fabric with precise strength and force. These heavy-duty sewing scissors look amazingly beautiful and conventional with metal handles that many users describe as comfortable and better than plastic handles.

As you can see the top of the blade all the way through the tip, they are made to cut materials with precision and force. It could slide through thick or double layers of fabric effortlessly with saving lots of time and frustration.

These can carve out any materials such as patterns, maneuver around curves, and trim seams. And is perfectly made to cut long, clean lines, and any large swaths of fabric with ease. 


  • Sharp and durable
  • Smooth precision cutting
  • Slice through multiple layers of fabrics
  • Stronger than plastic handles
  • Heavy-duty
  • Saves a lot of time


  • A bit heavy for sewing shears

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5. Scalloped Pinking Shears

If you are going to own one of those Scalloped Pinking Shears, then they might as well be pink. However, you know what’s better? Pink and purple! The shears are scalloped, but if you are someone who is more traditionalist and would prefer the classic zig-zag cut then these are the ones for you.

Before Sergers were well known, the pink shears were a hit. They were the best way to finish seams but still be super effective. The pink shears cutting can prevent raw seams from fraying too much, and you can use them to trim or clip curves. 


  • Very soft rubber non-slip grip
  • Allows to connect a series of scallops without a break
  • Cuts very easily
  • Well made
  • They look like they will last a lifetime
  • Came in a nice gift box


  • Not the best for left-handers
  • Users state that the size of the scallop is small
  • These scalloped shears are heavy

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6. Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors

Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors are an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the advantage of electric power and the modern model provided for this product.

These Pink Power scissors are very easy to use and come with two completely different blades. One blade is for paper and fabric, while the other blade is for cardboard and metal. If you are looking to change the blades around, it will be an easy adjustment, and the ease of use of this electric model is one of the top best highlights.

These features are a locking power switch so that you can lock the switch down while allowing the scissors to run, and that removes the need to constantly hold down the button every time. It is designed to cut through all types of materials and the ergonomic design of the electric scissors is a great option for those with arthritis or who suffer from hand strains or can get fatigued easily.

The most appealing to this model is the cordless design and removable rechargeable battery. But the downside to that is you would have to recharge the battery every 1-2 hours which can be time-consuming. It’s worth knowing that these Pink Power scissors can be a little bit loud for users who prefer to sew or quilt in a peaceful and quiet environment. 


  • Very easy to use
  • Great for those with arthritis and who suffer from hand strains
  • Very strong blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cordless rechargeable battery


  • Has to be charged up every 1-2 hours
  • Time-consuming to charge
  • A little loud

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7.  Havel’s 8-inch Serrated Fabric Scissors 

When working with light, thin, and slippery fabric can be extremely difficult, especially when cutting materials that keep on sliding through blades.

What you need is a pair of Havel’s 8-inch Serrated Fabric Scissors that have stainless steel blades with fine teeth that can hold the fabric in place while still cutting. Havel’s serrated fabric scissors are sharp, easy to use, and lightweight which is great for arthritic hands.

As for that, the serrated scissors can stay sharp and cut smoothly to the tip. And, these come with a convenient blade cover that will help cause any damage. Comparing it to the pinking shears, the serrations of these scissors are small to grip slippery fabric gently.

For instance, the serrated scissors can almost pull the fabric to the grip of its small teeth on the blade, so it feels as if you aren’t dropping or skimming along with the fabric. The blades can grip fabric for a straight cut but can still provide flexibility and security when you’re cutting around patterns.

Versatility is important for sewers who know that fabric often tends to slip when carving curves that result in less precise cuts. However, these serrated scissors can work on shiny fabrics like silk, satin, and vinyl. 


  • Lightweight (great for arthritic hands)
  • Effective in holding
  • Provides flexibility when cutting around patterns
  • Cutting through the thin and slippery fabric
  • Works best for satin, silk, and vinyl


  • Not the best for left-handers

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8. Fiskars Titanium Easy Action Scissors

If you are searching for one of the best sewing scissors for left-handers or best sewing scissors for arthritis, then look into Fiskars Titanium Easy Action Scissors. These Fiskars sewing scissors are fully designed for comfort and ergonomics.

The model won an award for its design and was honored with the ‘Ease-of-Use Commendation’ by the Arthritis Foundation.

So, the question is, what sets these scissors apart from others? What makes it different?

This particular model demonstrates an easy action design that makes snipping easier and more comfortable than ever before. It works by gently opening the blades after each cut to reduce hand strain and the soft-grip handle is perfectly formed for someone who cares about comfort. These Fiskars sewing scissors are among the best for small hands because of their neatly designed handle, but the handle shape and form can take time to get used to.

However, some users stated that they needed some time to grip with these scissors but eventually adored them at the end. The only minor downside to mention with these sewing scissors is the titanium blades slightly lack sharpness but they’re still exceptionally sharp and slide through most fabrics.

All in all, this is highly impressive sewing scissors that can last you quite a long time. 


  • Best for left-handers
  • Great for arthritis
  • Smart design to reduce hand fatigue
  • Resistant titanium blades
  • Ideally for small hands
  • Won an award
  • Easy action design which makes snipping easier
  • Can last many years


  • Can take some time to get used to
  • Slightly lacking in sharpness

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9. Best Titanium Scissors – 3 Shears in One Pack

Best Titanium Scissors (3 Shears in One Pack) is more than a multipack of scissors but they have in 3 different sizes which means you are ready to handle any kind of task!

These sewing scissors are made from bonded titanium meaning they are durable enough to last quite a while before you need to sharpen them. The 3 different sizes are ideal for embroidery, dressmaking, and can be used on just anything such as cutting tiny bits of thread to full-sized on fabrics. 


  • 3 pairs of sewing scissors (5.5 inch, 8.5 inch, and 10 inches)
  • Soft grip
  • Resistant to rust
  • Lightweight


  • Some users would prefer sharper blades

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10. LIVIGNO Premium Tailor Scissors Heavy Duty

LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors are high-density grade steel which makes them some of the strongest and sharpest sewing scissors out there. These quality ergonomic handles are made to feel comfortable even if you’re working with a massive piece of fabric.

These sewing scissors are capable of cutting through 16 pieces of fabric such as quilting, hand-craft, tailoring, dressmaking, household tasks, and lots more. 


  • Rust resistant
  • Is capable to cut through 16 layers of fabric
  • 9.5 inches long
  • Durable for heavy-duty


  • May not be ideal for smaller cuts

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Buying Guide for the Best Sewing Scissors 2022

Ease of use

If you didn’t know, the best sewing scissors you can get are the ones that are super easy to use. By getting an easy to use sewing scissors, it allows for shorter work through tough materials, and this will allow you to become more efficient and less time-consuming on your sewing tasks overall. 


This is one of the most important reasons to invest in a quality pair of sewing scissors that can provide an incredible degree of precision. For instance, if you are trying to cut a typical piece of fabric with a regular pair of kitchen scissors, you could see how easy it is for the material to start fraying. But with precision sewing scissors, you can cut more neatly and clean accurate lines without any hassle. 


The best sewing scissors are the ones that are built to last which might cost a bit more than regular scissors. It’s worth the investment if you want sewing scissors that will last years. 


It’s important to look after your hands regardless if you got arthritis or not because repeating the same movements can cause strain and fatigue. Some sewing scissors are designed to be kind with hands that allow you to sew longer. 


Although I’m giving you many options on which is the best sewing scissors, I trust that you’ll choose one that best fits you. Just remember, everyone deserves a nice pair of sewing scissors that will love them right back, as in the one that cuts extremely well. You deserve it.