Wouldn’t you say that basic apparel and house furnishings are expensive at the stores? Particularly when you can create one of a kind piece for a small portion of the cost; luckily, here is a dependable machine that can do just that: the Brother HC1850. No need to stress if you are new to sewing; with a newly-made, electronic sewing machine, you can make anything in a short amount of time and a small amount of effort. 

In the event that you would like to begin creating your own completely fitting apparel, fabric embellishments, and house furnishings such as tablecloths and curtains, this is a great opportunity to purchase a modernized sewing machine.

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine, 185 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, 8 Included Feet
Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine, 185 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, 8 Included Feet

The Brother HC1850 is very adaptable, making it a top choice among people who are devoted to sewing. It includes over 100 built-in stitches, and numerous buttonhole types, and has alphanumeric stitches. The Brother HC1850 also works as a monogramming machine.

It includes a monogramming font. It has many capacities, and is lightweight, making it easy to carry. The machine contains a handle on the back; you can use it to carry the machine easily.  This enables you to move the machine to a different room or bring it with you to the sewing class.

Video Unboxing of Brother HC1850

Below is a quick 2:45-mins unboxing video of Brother HC1850;

Brother HC1850 – Features

The Brother HC1850 has start/stop and needle up/down buttons on the top left.  Additionally, there is a slider that changes the speed if the foot pedal is not used. It has the ability to sew extremely quickly or extremely slowly.

The Brother HC1850’s speed is 850 stitches a minute maximum. The manual contains directions on how to halt the machine with a needle putting it up or down.  

The Brother HC1850 contains buttons and a backlit LCD in the middle.  These features allow for choosing stitches and setting the length and width. It is also helpful in explaining which presser foot to use.

The machine consists of a helpful flip chart on the right, which shows choices for stitches. There are 130 stitch choices for sewing and quilting.

The Brother HC1850 contains eight styles for stitching a buttonhole.  There are 170 stitch capacities that allow apparel structure, heirloom sewing, decorative sewing, and quilting.

You can switch the eight presser feet in just a few seconds; all you need to do is push a lever.   There are letters on the feet that tell you which task they perform. The LCD shows a letter that corresponds to the presser foot you have chosen. The letter faces up when installing it. The eight presser feet include:

  • Blind Stitch Foot 
  • Buttonhole Foot 
  • Button Sewing Foot that 
  • Monogramming Foot 
  • Overcasting Foot 
  • Action Quilting Foot 
  • Zigzag Foot 
  • Zipper Foot 
  • 185 Unique built-in stitches
  • Advanced drop-in bobbin and needle threader
  • Accessories consist of a table of eight feet, a manual, and a DVD with instructions
  • LCD Screen
  • Free technical support for life: you can get this by phone or live chat
  • Buttonholes 
  • Advanced needle threader and drop-in top bobbin
  • LCD Screen
  • 8 Feet wide table instructional DVD, manual and more

Video Review of Brother HC1850 by Amber


  • The Brother HC1850 is affordable with exceptional features  
  • Can work with many different fabrics, like denim
  • Both beginners and professionals will love the Brother HC1850
  • 130 sewing stitches;
  • The Top drop-in bobbin does not jam.
  • LCD: allows you to choose stitches at just the press of a button


  • Some advanced features are absent from the Brother HC1850
  • Fewer stitch choices than other Brother models
  • LCD might not provide enough light for some sewers
  • Hardly any storage

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Notable Pros and Cons of HC1850 Sewing Machine

Notable Pros

The Brother HC 1850 is affordable with exceptional features for users from the beginning level to the professional level. All the exceptional features come together to bring a machine that is available and simple to use. 

The exceptional feed system permits you to work with an expansive scope of fabrics, such as denimduck cloth, and poplin. You can even work with multiple layers of denim if you have the correct needle.  If you are using heavier denim however, it’s recommended that you use a special needle that can easily move through the material without applying too much pressure to the sewing machine.

Those new to sewing can get the machine set up and use it effortlessly. Professional users also enjoy the more advanced features.  

As mentioned above, there are 130 sewing stitches; these stitches consist of eight auto-size buttonhole styles and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches.

The machine features a drop-in top bobbin; this does not jam. You can press thread through the needle easily; all that’s needed is the press of a lever. Additionally, the HC 1850 sewing and quilting machine contains the following features: an eight-foot table, an instructional DVD, and a manual. There is also a detachable table that allows for a big amount of area to work in.  

Notable Cons

With an LCD, you can choose stitches and view the choices; just press a button. For the lifespan of the HC1850, you can get free technical advice from ‘At Your Side’ support.  You can get this advice on the phone, or through a live chat feature online. This machine is one of the cheapest and fastest machines available. It is difficult to find a machine with fast-paced stitching at the price of the HC1850.

For those who want to use a sewing machine for quilting only, it is best if they get a more dedicated machine than the Brother HC1850.  Unlike other models, this one does not have a ¼-inch piecing foot and walking foot. The Brother HC1850 is not made for regular, everyday use.

Some advanced features are absent from the Brother HC1850. It is of a different quality than most other sewing machines. If you want to sew monogrammed clothing, it is best if you have a machine that is customized especially for embroidery.  Also, you cannot make the letters larger or smaller; you can only do basic monogramming. It has one block-style font.

Altogether, the 130 stitches, eight pressure feet, and eight buttonhole styles do not quite meet the standards of another Brother model that has 150 stitches, ten pressure feet, and eight buttonhole styles. There is also no auto thread cutter.  

Some sewers might need more lighting than an LCD can give. Those who have problems with their vision should get an auxiliary sunlight lamp. Tilt it at a point where there will not be shadows.  Even if you have a voltage connector, the Brother HC1850 needs 120V AC in power supply.

The machine has hardly any storage. It is made of lightweight plastic. The HC 1850 also lacks a protective case. There are no directions on the DVD on how to attach the walking foot or the free motion quilting foot.

As with other products, some reviews considered the Brother HC1850 a ‘lemon.’ Give the machine a try during the return period that the manufacturer has given you. Keep the receipt and take advantage of the warranty.

Other Helpful User Reviews of HC1850

Eighty-two percent of  Brother HC1850 buyers gave the machine a five-star rating. Ten percent gave it a four-star. The best features that the reviews mentioned were lightweight, easy to learn, easy to use, great for beginners, and durable.

Despite its lightweight, customers say that this machine feels more ‘solid’ than other brands. It is generally fast with no noise. Threading, bobbin winding, and insertion are a piece of cake. Users find that the stitch chart at the front comes in handy.  They claim that the machine provides tight and neat stitches. You can easily change the stitches’ width and length.

Bobbin installation is quick and bobbin winding smooth. Those who use the Brother HC1850 like the option that allows them to move the needle up or down. When it comes to making thick corners, the ability to sew at a slow pace is great; going too fast might result in needle breakage.  

Those who are computer savvy can easily use the Brother HC 1850 for embroidering, quilting, and sewing. Users enjoy the option of using controls or the foot pedal. Many customers believe they are getting a lot for their money.

Many dissatisfied customers reported problems with the bobbin casing, skipping stitches, and timing problems. There is not enough bright light when changing or threading the needle because the hand is blocking it.  

Quilters have a hard time seeing the ¼-inch seam guide. Sometimes the machine may be noisy or it might sound like it cannot get through the fabric. You can make potholders and clothes with this machine, but it is too light for large quilting projects.  

The power cord can easily fall out because of the machine’s vibration.  The owner’s manual cautions against oiling the machine. Those cautionary instructions convinced one user that there is no point in maintaining it very much, since it will not last forever anyway. 

Those same customers who reported problems also had plenty of great time sewing with the machine and recommended it for those who have never seen it before, or for people who have intermediate skills.  Some buyers said the warranty was misleading.


Although far from perfect, the Brother HC1850 has exceptional options. Some of these are not usually seen in inexpensive, low-end models similar to this one. This machine is great for those who are just learning to sew.  It is easy to use. Learning to sew is even more fascinating when you learn how to use the bells and whistles on the model.   Seasoned sewers and quilters might choose different models, particularly those who want a computerized machine with an internet connection.