Singer Pro Finish Serger is an easy way to finish your seams and overlock the edges to secure them. This machine is a great low-cost serger option if you want to get one. It performs well even among other entry-level sergers. 

But you don’t buy a serger machine as your first sewing machine, or even alongside your first sewing machine. The need for a serger doesn’t usually pop up until later in your sewing endeavors. Your first sewing machine will likely be enough to complete your sewing tasks for a long while. So the question is: do you need a Serger?

Despite seeming unnecessary, many who’ve owned a serger claim that they couldn’t imagine what it’d be like sewing without it. That claim may be an exaggeration in some cases, but when it comes to sewing knits and garments it’s most definitely true. A serger secures more durable seams with a professional look. The speed is also much faster. To put it simply, you’ll be fine without a serger, but if you want a faster, more durable seam option then a serger will be very useful. 

Deciding on whether to get a serger should also be dependent on how often you sew. If you don’t sew often then suffice it to say, you won’t need a serger. Also, if most of your works consist of quilting, the serger would not be the machine for you. 

Singer Pro Finish Serger: Key Features 

You keep hearing how its features are great for the price. So now you must be wondering, what are its features? 

2-3-4 Thread Capability

The Singer Pro Finish Serger has a 2-3-4 thread capability which has a large variety of stitch options. This is the standard formation for thread in serger machines. With the option to have up to four threads stitching at once you get to experiment with the stitch options and the creative designs. Just imagine all of the different looks you can get if you’re serging with three different colored threads, let alone four different threads. For most of the time, you’ll likely be serging with four threads.

However, you do have moments when you use the 2-thread or 3-thread formation. It’s unfortunate that many sewing machines nowadays don’t even have a 2-thread formation, not only to have stronger seams but also for a variety of finishes. 


The Singer Pro Finish serger can sew up to an astonishing 1300 stitches per minute. Most sewing machines, computerized or mechanical, don’t exceed 850 stitches per minute. Singer is well known for the high speed of their sewing machines. Of course, some brands and models may be slightly faster or slower but are nonetheless outmatched by this machine. The fact that you can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute on a budget machine is very impressive. 

It will take some time before you get used to sewing at full speed. Practicing not only on scrap fabric but on projects will help you become better accustomed to the method of serging. Before you know it, you’ll be finishing your projects with ease and time to spare. It’s not just accurate and fast. Singer’s ProFinish serger is also durable. There’s no doubt that you’ll appreciate the precision, speed, and time saved while working with this serger. 


You will get a variety of stitches with the 2-3-4 thread formations and four built-in rolled hems. Using the stitch options is simple. Just pull on the lever from R to S to change the stitch type. From rolled hems, flat locking, and blind hems this serger can do it all with no problems. If you’re using thick fabric though, you may not want to roll the hem as it’d be too thick. Rolled hems are popular as they provide a clean, finished edge on lightweight to medium weight fabric. 

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

Just like with other sewing machines, you’re able to adjust the length and width of your stitches. No matter what kind of project you’re working, you can make changes that best suit your fabric. It’s very easy to change the stitch, too. You simply turn the dial located on the side of the serger. 

Although you probably already know this, the general rule is that thinner fabric will need a narrower seam. And likewise, thick fabric will need a larger seam. It would be wise to test out the stitching on the edge of the fabric you’ll be using before serging the real deal.

Adjustable Thread Tension

Working on thick fabric may be a challenge within itself, but that can be overshadowed by the lightweight knits or even just stretchy fabric. Luckily, THE Singer Pro Finish serger has a tension system that you can adjust to get the perfect stitchwork done. Just remember that it is not automatic, so if you do move on to work with a different fabric you’ll have to manually change the adjustment yourself. 

Feed System

The feeding system on this serger has a nice feature that allows you to gather your fabric as you sew. It does its job well in simply providing a perfect regular seam, too. But if you want to make a gathered trim or make the ends of a garment have a wave effect, this serger can do that in a breeze. 

Movable Upper Knife

Serger machines come with a knife positioned next to the needle that cleanly cuts the fabric as you feed it. There are needles behind the knife that then overlocks the edge of the fabric. The result is a nice, professional seam that has already been secured for you. However, if you don’t want the knife to cut your fabric, you have the option to remove it. Pros

  • Very fast and durable
  • Free arm
  • User-friendly


  • Loud on full speed

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Who is the Singer Pro Finish Serger Best For?

If you’ve never used a serger machine before Singer’s ProFinish serger is a great starter option. Though this machine may be aimed at beginners with its low price, experienced sewists can also consider it due to its value in spite of the lower cost. This machine has features that are well worth the money you’ll be putting down for it. 

Both standard and special features are included in the ProFinish. Its dimensions are small, making it portable and light. It has a built-in carry handle so you can take it wherever you need to go. And just a tidbit, the ‘CG’ in the title stands for ‘commercial grade’. This means that it’s made and designed to be durable and to be able to work on a variety of fabrics. Ultimately meaning that you will be using this machine for years to come.

While you don’t get fancy features compared with high-end models, the ProFinish serger is still a great bargain. The speed, precision, durability, and versatile features make it an excellent budget machine. It may take some time to become familiar with the threading as you’ll have the option of several threads. To make it easier, Singer has color-coded the threading system. Its other features and functions are otherwise easy to understand.  In general, this machine is user-friendly so beginners don’t need to shy away.


The Singer Pro Finish Serger is a great product for those looking to get into sewing. It offers all of the best features to help you get started on your sewing projects. Hopefully, you all have a better idea of what you can exactly get from this type of machine. Enjoy!